The various emotions which arise through the relations between one person and another

Within these undulations art appears, and without clinging to any one particular media, technique or field, opens out before us. Art holds the power to pierce through, or to reach beyond, and it is exactly this which has become the main theme for "3331 TRANS ARTS Exhibition". Artists are not the only ones who, through trial and error, attempt to make daily life, society and community more enjoyable, more opportune, more interesting. The participants in this exhibition include those who are pursuing the "essence of art" through projects, groups, units, businesses and the very transformation of existing configurations to reach beyond genre, era, region, media and structure. Mediated through creativity taking multiple directions, the gallery will become a space of unexpected chemical reactions. And within this, what kind of emotions will be jolted, and what forms will emerge? Please come to experience the moment that "art" is brought into existence.

3331 TRANS ARTS Exhibition

Period: 21st October(Sun)-2nd December(Sun)
Closed: Tuesdays
Hours: 12:00-19:00
Admission: Adult 800yen/Student 500yen/Free for junior high school students and under
Venue: 1F Main Gallery

<Participating Groups>
PARTYHAJIMETENBIOART.JPcontact GonzoNicoNico GakkaiLivertyJKD CollectiveDrifers Internationalassistantdokuro kogyoKAYACwah*talk event only)